Project X-Mas (MVP)

Project X-Mas (MVP)

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MVP is an upgraded version of VIP. You’ll get everything VIP includes, and also have



• MVP Access 

• Access to Mansion Party (Separate party) 

• Skip All lines including VIP line

• Early entry 

• Free Drink 

• Stage access 


+ includes VIP Perks 


VIP includes:

* Line Skip (Fast Pass) 

* Re-Entry

* Access to VIP section

* Glow in the dark beer pong

* Free snacks & water & chasers in VIP section

* Access to the pictures & videos after the event

* Professional pictures of you taken by the event photographer (optional) 



Instructions to redeem ticket: 

Once you purchase your ticket, screenshot your receipt, your receipt is your way of entry. Show screenshot / receipt at the door to be let in. 

Please use either an email, or phone number when purchasing tickets so we can look you up when you arrive.